You can


Learn Shas In One Night


Try our sleep learning tapes by

Rabbi Zippo Haspeedi, holder of the

World Kavanah Cup

He shattered the previous world record of 4 minutes for Shaacharis (Nusach Askenaz) by davening Shaacharis from the amud (including tachanun) in an unbelievable 3 minutes 56.34 seconds.

Avail yourself of his incredible voice and learn all Shas in just under eighteen hours.  Why learn the old-fashioned way when you can become a talmud chachum literally overnight.



Are you tired of not being able to find all the chametz before Pesach?  Are you embarrassed at your seder when your 4-year-old brings a challah roll from Rosh Hashanah instead of the afikomen?

The Chametz Dowser

Our research shows that chametz responds to a specific microwave frequency.

Our patented Chametz Dowser searches out chametz and heats it to 1370 degrees while sounding an electronic alarm. You can find chametz even inside your couch.  Simply look for the telltale wisp of smoke rising from your furniture.

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Where is Your Chametz Hiding?

Did you check your  Hard drive? Mp3 Player?  Tire treads?  Drier vent tube?  Air ducts?  Behind the dishwasher?  Stove Hood chimney?  Furnace filter?  Cell phone battery compartment?


& hundreds of other guilt-provoking ideas! 


Home Treif Detection System


Does anyone in your family ever put a milchig knife in the fleishig drawer or vice versa?  Prevent this with the Home Treif Detection System.  Each utensil is labeled with radioactive tracers.  If two utensils with different nuclear signatures come within 2 nanometers of each other, the Home Treif Detection System sounds an electronic alarm in your kitchen and at the of Adar Industries switchboard.  Adar Industries will immediately notify your local Rav and radio dispatch mosgiachim in an emergency truck to rekasher your home.




Only $72 per month plus installation and local Moshgichim fees.  Certain congregations may be eligible for quantity discounts.



If you pour meat gravy into the disposal after washing cereal bowls you might be


Cooking milk and meat together!


Replace your old-fashioned disposal with the patented

Self Kashering

Libun Gomer Disposal


Turn it on and within minutes the patented Libun Gomer Disposal will turn white-hot right under your sink and kosher itself.  Your disposal need never be treif again. 


Available in Electric, Gas or Nuclear



               Order now and get a free 3 section garbage can with separate compartments for dairy, meat and parve.  Or add $18 and get two, one for pesach!