It's Our Fault



I think I have figured out how the world works.  There is one thing that everyone agrees on. 

Itís our fault.

Communists blame Jewish Capitalists.

Capitalists blame Jewish Communists.

Christians blame us for us killing Jesus.

Wahabi Moslems blame us for controlling the entertainment industry.

Sunnis blamed Jews for Saddam.

Shi-ites blame Jews for not having Saddam.

(Or maybe itís the other way around.)

President Chavez of Venezuela blames Jews for controlling the financial system. 

I havenít figured out what that nut job in Iran doesnít blame Jews for.  He even blames us for the Catholic Church. 

The British press blames us for problems in Gaza.

British Academics blame us because the Palestinians wonít stop killing each other.

Palestinians blamed us for occupying Gaza.

Palestinians blamed us for withdrawing from Gaza.  

Al-Fatah blames us for Hamas.

Hamas blames us for Al-Fatah.

The rebels in Yemen blame Jews for democracy (They said it, not me.)

World government activists blame Jews for being clannish.

Nationalists blamed Jews for advocating world government.

Affirmative action supporters blame us for too many Jewish college students.

I canít remember who blames us for controlling the news media, but somebody does. 

Peace Now blames us for being war-mongers.

The John Birch Society blamed us for being pacifists.

PETA blames us for killing animals differently than everyone else does.

Atheists blame us for being superstitious.      

G-d blames us for not following the rules. 

And then we invented Jewish guilt.

We blame ourselves.

Oy veh.