My Inner Idiot

My inner idiot thinks:

That if one cookie tastes good, 2 lbs of cookies will taste great. 

That if I yell at someone I love, it will make them love me more. 

That if I buy enough stuff at Wal-Mart, Iíll be rich. 

If I push the elevator button 15 times, the elevator will come more quickly.

That someone who looks good is more likely to tell me the truth. 

That someone who knows how to get rich quickly and easily will tell me for free. 

That if I wear the right piece of clothing it will make me 25 pounds lighter. 

That someone can explain a complex scientific issue in a half hour TV special. 

People will understand what I meant to say rather than what I said. 

If I meant well, then I didnít do any damage when I screwed-up.